Girls, do strong guys intimidate you?

Everything I wrote just got deleted.

I sometimes hear girls saying tall men or overly buff men intimidate them. But what about me? I work out, and am strong, I'm in no way a bodybuilder ,im just a little stronger / bigger than the avreage man. I'm also only 5'8 or 5'9.

So what do you say? :D


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  • Its not intimidating to me, maybe it is to some women. Just as a really ambitious or model looking women could be intimidating to a man. So many things can be intimidating and its all so subjective in my opinion.


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  • For me a guy being strong is sort of a necessity. It's attractive.

  • Not at all. But it is dependent upon the female. I'm a strong independent type so there isn't a man who intimidates me. But a girl who is insecure could possibly be.


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