Girls, do strong guys intimidate you?

Everything I wrote just got deleted.

I sometimes hear girls saying tall men or overly buff men intimidate them. But what about me? I work out, and am strong, I'm in no way a bodybuilder ,im just a little stronger / bigger than the avreage man. I'm also only 5'8 or 5'9.

So what do you say? :D


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  • Its not intimidating to me, maybe it is to some women. Just as a really ambitious or model looking women could be intimidating to a man. So many things can be intimidating and its all so subjective in my opinion.


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  • I just don’t want them to have anger issues because then I will hide behind a dresser or something so they don’t, you know, toss me across the room and accidentally hurt me. Lol

    • I would need to be friends with them a while first to see if they will be good at respecting the women when she says if they’re cuddling or something, wait ow you’re hurting me. My second ex kept crushing me during sex

  • For me a guy being strong is sort of a necessity. It's attractive.

  • Not at all. But it is dependent upon the female. I'm a strong independent type so there isn't a man who intimidates me. But a girl who is insecure could possibly be.


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