Help did I lose him for good?

I know this guy for more than 2 years. We been good friend I always had feeling for him. But somehow I never told him. We slept together in the same bed and nothing happen which both are us are shocked when both of us wanted each other. I try to stop my feeling for him as I know he is a playa, and on new year we actually kissed we did not keep in contact since his lost his phone but we kept seeing each other at work, and last Saturday he actually admit he had a thing for me and never said anything as we became to close as a friend and he thought this way will be better, and we were supposed to meet again before we could even met I told him me and him it can never happen he even tho I want it and he simply said me to I was thinking the I had to stop it before my feeling grew more and now he is acting distant did I lose him for good?


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  • Who know's, players don't usually wait around. Since you actually told him he's not what you want, that is a pretty good reason for him to give up on you. You should have told him the truth about why you wouldn't be with him. You should have explained that you don't trust the idea that he's serious about you.


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