What's the problem of my ex?


I'm sorry when my English isn't good, because I'm from holland. let me tell you the story before I'll ask questions. my first relationship was when I was 18. I was with him for one year and 4 months. 2 years later I had a boyfriend for 2 weaks. then, when I was 22 years old, almost 23 years old, I had a new relationship with a man for 2 years and 8 months. we lived together. that guy by the way was 41 years old and right now 43 years old (I know, very stupid of me).

i contected my first ex through Facebook, telling him I'm very sorry for what I did. he is still angry with me (we haven't spoken and seen each other for 5 years). he told me that he told my sister that he didn't want that I was sleeping with this man. he told me that he just could't stand the though that I was sleeping with him, because I made a problem when I was sleeping with him. I agree with him, cause I'm a very bad sleeper. so, my question is, why is he making a problem that I was sleeping with a man that was my boyfriend? I just don't understand what his problem is.

can you firgure this out for me you guys? I really need some answers.

thank you very much when you say something about this.


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  • He probably still has feelings for you and somewhat feels jealous. It's not very common for young girls to sleep with an old man I guess...its a bit creepy...just a thought

    • Do you wanne know what else he told me? that he didn?t spoke his gorlfriend for one month and that he didn?t see her for a month. He feels so lonely. and right now she don?t give him love that he needs. he doesn?t want to see me cause he is afraid to make the wrong choises. he is afraid that he will do something with me that he will regret and that he doesn?t want to lose her.

      What is this mean? that je still have feelings for me that he is so afraid to kiss miss or something?

    • As I said, he still has feelings for you but for the fact that he's now in a relationship with his girlfriend so he has to be careful for whatever he does. What are you getting out of contacting him then? Are you trying to stay friends with him or something more?

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