Excessive going out. Should I be concerned?

My boyfriend has been going out quite a bit lately. The past two weekends he has gone out with the guys a total of five times, and yes without me. I'm not invited because he says its all guys and he doesn't want to be the one who brings the only girl. I understand this, but now this weekend he's planning the same thing? I brought it up to him saying, hey, this is the third weekend you've gone out without me, what's up with that? And he says, I'm sorry, I'm used to dating girls who have their own friends and go out with them. Ya, last weekend that's exactly what I did. Should I be worried?


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  • How long you have been dating? Because this sentence "Ißm used to dating girls who have their own friends and go out with them" sounds a little bit mean. Where there any specific ocassions, like one of the guys birthday or something like that? That would it make a little bit more understandable. But I suggest as well that you guys should find a balance.

  • It seems a little bit weird to me honestly. He's your boyfriend, he should want to be going out and spending time with you! Its understandable for him to also want some time with the guys but 3 weekends in a row?! that's a little much...


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