What is the appropriate way to react?

I'm not sure how to react if a guy hits on me, especially when I have a boyfriend. I feel awkward enough single but when I'm hit on now or complimented I really feel the awkwardness haha. I usually say "thanks!" Then walk away but I don't know what yo do if they ask for my number and I don't know what's appropriate to say to them. What do you do?


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  • Just work your boyfriend in the conversation, it doesn't even have to be smooth lol. That should get the point across.


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  • Say you have a man, but if he ask to be friends, ask him his intentions, I'm friends with a lot of girls that's are married or have boyfriends. I compliment them but would never destroy their relationships.

  • Thank them, let them know you're already taken and that will be that. I had it happen last semester. Asked a girl out, didn't know she was in a long term relationship, she simply said "I'm flattered but I'm already seeing somebody right now. I really do appreciate you asking though, that was very sweet"


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