Ipod touch or Ipad mini?

Im trying to decide between the two. The price difference is only $30.

Ive got an ipod classic (3 years old) and an old mac computer (still works after 6 years.)

Im looking for something with all the apps/music/internet/browsing etc.

Does any have the ipad mini or new ipod?
Mini it is!


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  • For what you get I would truthfully go with the full size iPad, but out of the two I would take a look at how much you spend per gb of storage, but it old also be the one that fits in your pocket which would be the touch.

    • I don't want to spend the money the ful sized ipad costs/dont really care about GB. Just want something handy.

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    • yeah I was thinking that!

    • I mean I have the first IPad personally but the touch is supposed to be good

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  • iPod touch is better if you're looking for something to carry around in your pocket. Both have apps, music, internet browsing. iPad Mini is nice if you like a slightly bigger screen that can still fit in one hand. It works great for public speaking if you'd like to use it for that.

  • I have a 3 y.o. IPod touch myself and just got the iPad mini. I find that I use the ipad mini a lot more just because the screen is bigger. Either way to sync either you'll have to get snow leopard (upgrading system right now).

  • I like the iPod touch because its easy to being everywhere and use. If your gonna use them just at home go with the ipad mini then

    • *bring everywhere*

      i have the new ipod touch and I like it a lot

    • congratulations on your decision lol

    • 1st big electronic I will of bought in 3 years! lol

  • I would go with the mini.


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