Girls why do you say yes to an ex

I'm watching How I Met Your Mother right now. The episode where Robin talks about her one ex (James Van Der Beek, Sp?) and he said breaking up with her was the worst thing he could have ever done. SO he asked her out and she said yes. Why did she say yes?


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  • With my other ex's I would never say yes. But if me and my fiance broke up and he wanted to ask me out and change that I would most likely under certain circumstances say yes because I love him very much and can't see myself without him. I think it depends on if you have that love for that one person that is worth working things out with

    • You're telling me what you would DO, not WHY? Why would you say yes...

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    • im not sure how else to explain it.

    • Nice try though

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  • Because she wanted to be with him. He rejected her when she still loved him and she still has hope for the relationship working out.

    • But he doesn't want to be with shouldn't matter?

      By the way, at the end of the episode, he wound up breaking up with her again

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    • Well read it again. Jesus tap dancing christ I don't know what you want.

  • Because its a TV SHOW


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