Interested but doesn't want to be too obvious? what do you guys think?

So I have been talking to this guy for a little over a month now and things are going great, or at least when we meet.

So he started talking to me on Fb a few days before Christmas, we ended up talking 24/7 during the time we were on holiday break, and on new year's eve he admitted he has feelings for me, but that he has a difficult time falling in love with someone due to passed experiences with girlfriends cheating etc.

I had liked him since the first day I saw him in September but I never really made a move, so he took the first step.

Well, time goes on and the holiday was over and it was time for school to start again, on the first Monday of school I message him asking if he wants to meet, and he does, so we meet and everything goes great. The following Friday we meet again, and again everything goes great, conversation is flowing and no problems. Then we meet the Friday after that, and the Friday after that... But as the weeks go by and we meet more and more, we talk less and less on fb, and I really like the way we used to talk...

So last Friday (two days ago) I went to his house and we had a movie night, and we cuddled and he teased me A LOT and he was very physical in a cute way, but now I don't understand him at all...

is he just playing with me? because whenever we meet everything is great, but then... the chatting isn't going too well...

I don't know how to think of this situation, could someone please enlighten me?

Guys, what would make you act like this? and why do you think he is acting the way he is?

and Girls, has this happened to you? how did it go? what do you think of my situation?

Thank you in advance!
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So guys I messaged him last night asking if he had gone into coma or something and he replied "sort of, I am just wondering and pondering about things and it makes me stressed and I sort of turn myself into a caveman", then I asked him if he wanted to talk about it and he said no, and that he had to go. It feels weird, and like he is playing games with me but the funny thing is everyone says he isn't the guy to play games, and I don't think so either... What do you guys think?


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  • Make it more apparent you want something from him. I made the mistake far too many times of being friendly for too long and got friend zoned hard. If he isn't interested in you the limbo ends, if he is you start something that has the potential to be great. Guys love it when a girl makes moves on them.

    • I don't want to come off as too clingy either though? He knows I like him since I've told him, hence why my question if he is just playing with me because ever since I became more... I don't know, obvious about me liking him he has become more distant.

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  • Not talking to someone you don't know well can be awkward. If I'm around somebody I know really well, we feel comfortable even when we're not talking to each other. Sometimes, it's like we don't need to talk. Just being around each other is enough.

    • well that's the funny part - we didn't have any awkward silences, instead it was a comfortable silence :)

  • Yea the texting and chats decrease over time. He probably doesn't have much to talk about. But he definitely likes you and he's not playing games.

    • Well yes that's what I was thinking as well :) lets hope it's just him being too busy

  • Either he's interested and playing games or he's not interested at all

  • Why don't you want to make your interest obvious?

    • Because I am afraid I will push him away if I am too obvious about it. I know most guys find it to be a turn off when a girl is being too strong on him of what she's feeling..

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  • When I start seeing a guy on the regular (and I'd consider once a week to be pretty regularly) I stop talking to them online for the most part. It's a poor substitute for real life, and if you're comfortable with not being in constant contact with the guy, there's really no reason to continue.

    In general, the way someone treats you when you're physically around them is going to be a much better indicator of how they feel about you than what they say to you online or in texts.

    • He really couldn't keep his hands off me, tickling me, teasing me, blowing air on my neck and making me get shivers and all that :D it was nice, but I miss the chats me and him used to have :(

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