What to do/say to make him/her feel special, when they feel like they can't succeed?

my boyfriend, soon to be fiance, is feeling pretty down and he's trying to buy a house for me. but the expenses are kind of steep, and he doesn't want to look for an apartment. he feels like he's failing me. he wants to give me the world, tries so hard, but he wants to do it at once. and I'm trying to tell him that whether or not we get the house, things between us won't change. as long as I got him in my life every thing is okay. but he still feels like he is failing me. what should I do/say to ease his mind?


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  • Let him know you believe he can find something it really won't help if you say you're OK with an apartment. If push comes to shove suggest you look for an apartment so you can spend the time needed to find the right house for you not just what's available now


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