Your Views on Fitness?

Basically, the number of people who join a gym at new years, and give up after a few weeks got me thinking:

What do people think of people who take fitness very seriously, and do attempt to lift weights and bulk up, even if they are at the beginning of such a journey?

What do people think of those who takes supplements, such as protein shakes to aid them in this?


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  • > Leaping in hardcore means nothing. If you stick with it, you stick with it. Until you stick around for a while, there's no reason to think you will. Most people are very serious for the few weeks till they quit.

    > If they're working out the right way, I'd think they're more likely to stick around. That means full body compound barbell lifts.

    > The supplements are probably a waste of money for them at this point. Diet is more important than supplements. Supplements are for a little more edge.

    • Oh, the supplement part was mostly for people who had already been working out for a while now, like I've been going to a gym for around a year now, I was curious what people would think about someone like me using protein shakes.

    • Nobody cares. I'm embarrassed how many supplements I play around with but my hot lines aren't good for muscle building.

      If you benefit and can afford it use it. Nobody cares what you ate for real fast and nobody cares what supplements you use.

    • That would be hormones, not hot lines. Thanks autocorrect

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  • waste of time, my fitness is the work I do everyday.. Too much protein is bad for you, there is enough in fruits and veg alone, only %5 of your diet should be protein, most fruit and veg is 5% or more.


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  • To be honest, I tend to assume most gym goers are a bit vain, and probably a bit obsessive compulsive (you'd have to be really, to be able to keep doing something as tedious and repetitive as lifting weights or running on a treadmill). I'd generally be more interested in people who play actual sports, which I think is far less dull.

    • And your view on those who would use the gym to get into better shape for a sport, as I am doing?

    • Probably taking it a bit too seriously, unless they're planning on turning pro...

  • I think to each their own.

    Working out suits various needs for people... The workout fiend, the person trying to lose weigth, the vain, and those who are addicted to the endorphin rush

    I have to say that I admire a person with a good workout ethic more than those who simply use protein shakes but again to each their own

    for me. I'm really really lucky to have good genes and I don't gain weight easily. I weigh 146lbs and have weighed between 130-146lbs for the past 15 years of my life. I run ocassionally to keep my heart healthy but otherwise I'm rather sedentary and often times feel guilty when my gorgeous (but not metabolically blessed) girlfriend hits the gym multiple times a week because she is so conscious of the weight she gains


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