Doesn't anyone anymore?

Is there anybody anymore that just likes to wear their shirts tucked in in general? I do, because I used to have to & now it's how I'm comfy & think I look best, but people call it geeky. Then my girlfriend used to think she was too heavy, tried tucking recently her 1sy time, & started wanting to do it always. Now her friends keep telling her to pull her shirts out, & she's upset & saying she doesn't want to go back to hiding her tummy & waistline, but doesn't want to look stupid. I don't get it much & don't care. I'm not comfortable untucked & won't do it. She wants to say the same, but keeps second guessing herself & I hate to see her in turmoil. Girls, is it that geeky & stuck in the past? Do any of you like to do it outside of work and/or school?
OK, if you don't like it & wouldn't wear it, if the rolls were reversed & friends were constantly hounding you to tuck in your shiirts, would you give into the popular opinion & start doing it every day?


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  • Depends on the clothing type. I have tucked blouses into skirts and dress pants. It just looks more put together and professional when tucked in, but then again I'm skinny. If your girlfriend has a big gut then I think it would look more flattering untucked.

    People still wear their shirts tucked (I see it everyday). As long as its not like a t-shirt tucked into jeans, which does look very geeky.

    • No I would not give into popular opinion. I do what I want.

    • No, she's quite slim, but used to think she was too heavy to do it. Now she wants to show off her waisline. Thanks.

    • She actually started tucking because a restaurant around here has a tee tucked into jeans as a uniform & liked it. I think it's cute, but only on the right figure & respect your opinion. Thank you.

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  • Ummm no its not geeky, depending on what your body type is. I'm super thin (no fat) so if I tuck in my shirt, you can see how small my waist is, which is good! Also, I pretty much always tuck my shirt in if its too long and covers my belt. If I am wearing jeans or shorts, I usually wear a belt, and if the shirt is too long, it looks weird to see the hump where the buckle is underneath the shirt. So, I will tuck it in. Plus if I'm wearing a cute leather belt, I want to show it off anyway!

    • I don't blame you & would feel the same way! Thanks for answering. :)

  • I'm a tucker (gosh that sounds odd) so I don't think it's geeky! I usually tuck in my shirts if it's a high waisted anything, to show off designs on the back or to show off my bum, I've worked hard on it so it must be seen! Tell her to ignore what her friends say and do what she likes, if she wants to hide her stomach then she can leave it untucked and if she doesn't want to then tuck away.

  • It does look really dorky and stupid.I won't do it

    • OK, thanks. She feels dorky & stupid if she doesn't tuck in, & feels like she's in a lose-lose. I told her to ignore everyone, including me, & follow her heart. Just curious: What's so bad about it?

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