I'm going to join a slap a hoe tribe .. So I can slap this hoe

Why are females so judgmental like I walked into class to sit at a computer and this girl.. Like ever time I walk by her or around her she always says some sh*t under her breath and its getting old I mean she don't even know me so why is she saying sh*t .. All she know is by what she hears.. But anyway I go into class and she's like something stinks so she took out some spray and started spraying than she turns to me and sprays like half the bottle. And I have a breathing problem.. So I fussed her out .. Like what is the problem with females these days..
the hole point is why do females judge someone if they don't know them all they know is by what they hear..


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  • well let's not generalize. people of both sexes can be obnoxious twits. she's probably insecure and feels like doing this gets her attention she desperately needs OR she is simply immature and thinks that what she is doing is funny.

    if you really want to deal with this maturely I'd talk to her one day alone and ask her straight up what is it about me that bothers you. Not in an angry, mean or "fussy" way but straight up. Tell her that what she hears is not true and her acting the way she does is ugly and rude.

    tell her if she has a legit problem she should be mature and say something the way a grown woman would... OR you simply ignore her. Often times this behavior is all about attention. If she knows she gets to you then she'll continue to do it.

    Now honestly what reason does she have to act the way she does? You mentioned it is based on stuff she has heard, did you do something d*ckish that may make her act this way? Cause frankly saying you want to join a slap-a-hoe tribe so you can slap-a-hoe, comes across as either very disrespectful and immature OR you were just angry andmaybe trying to be funny

    • true but I all rdy have and she said because I'm weird.. what kinda of sences is that

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    • true

    • thanks

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  • You need Jesus

  • Grow up

  • Females judge someone they don't know due to the same reasons as why males do that...because they are dumb PEOPLE. Stop acting like it's only girls doing that.

    • n this case it is.. and I don't judge females so you can't say everymale and I'm not saying every female does. the point is why judge someone you don't even know ... do you think its because she like me but she can't amit it her self so she says everything she can to get me away from her

    • first I never said only girls do itan second idcanymore I'm doing me an going to iowa in 11 days so stop assumeing I was alking about onl girls do it. I could care less an hqve a gud day thanks for the help

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  • Maybe you smell like sh*t, like, actual human fecal matter.

    • no. this is this kid who is on a shower contract .. in the room I was in

    • but it would be rong for me to call him how because its non of my bussiness

  • So if it was a guy doing all that, you'd want to join a slap a jerk tribe now?

    Seriously, her sh*tty behavior 's got nothing to do with her being a female. Your generalization is just as immature than what she did.

    • ya... guess so.. thanks

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