Is it bad if guy says he likes a place because there is a lot of hot girls in it?

I like this guy who I've been friends w for a few months and he had never mention a girl til today he said he would hate going to his job I there weren't so many hot girls in it. Is he saying it to let me know he's not interested?


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  • youre reading too much into it... He might just be an idiot and not realize the message he's giving off...


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  • I knew a guy friend who was sweet and kind, and his crush would often refer to him accidentaly as "she", we thought she just did not respected him as a man, in reality in her mind since he was so polite and "not like a horny bloodhound" she could not help but percieving him as gay (he is quite manly and for what I know far from gay but still the fact that he was a little TOO polite and respectful to girls make this girl think otherwise), after that he made it a point to deliverately show from time to time that he is indeed like the rest of us, of course he, like any man, takes a look when a hot girl cross his path but he used to be amazingly good at hidding it (again to not disrespect the girls he was with) but now he is like "I like hot girls, and being discreet about it only did me wrong, so now I will shamelessly look", and yes, he would answer honestly when asked what he likes in a girl (asked by a girl) instead of "really, I only see her feelings", in fact he may be a little cynic about it like "I like them to have that sexy rythm when they walk and see some bounce on that @ss".

    girls say they would like a guy who would not be a "pig" this boy was as close as it gets to that kind of guy, but this girl sadly was not the first to just not seeing him as a man, so tired of being seen as a manly girlfriend he decided to embrace his inner pig :P

    of course one does not need to be a pig to show he is a man, but I do believe that one good way to avoid the dreaded friend zone is by letting it show, and remind as often as necessary that you are, indeed a MAN, and to you feel sexual attraction to women, and that they should consider you a sexual being and not the asexual just-a-friend. so perhaps, instead of letting you know he is not interested, that may actually be his way to say "yes, I truly enjoy your friendship, you are fun to be around, you are smart, you are kind, you are lovely, BUT DO NOT FORGET I AM A MAN AND I FEEL ATTRACTION TOWARDS GIRLS AND NOT JUST TO TALK TO THEM"

  • Unless he KNOWS *for sure* that you are into him, it was probably a humorous off-the-cuff remark that meant nothing to him. Most guys will say stuff like this and have no idea that girls will take it another way or try to find a hidden meaning. Few guys try to communicate with hidden meanings like that; we tend to say exactly what we mean, no more and no less.

    • I will go 100% in line with Mr Oracle here. In my case, thank God my wife is exreemely sporting about this. I keep saying such stuff to her. In fact, she has been talking me into going to this dentist saying that I will die looking at her beauty.

  • Even if he had a crush on you, he's still allowed to feel like eye candy is the only good thing about his job. Whatever gets him to keep showing up. Looking is only looking, and it doesn't mean anything other than he's happier having nice things to look at than not.

  • No! I strongly don't think it's got anything to do with you.

    If you can't even guess if he's talking about you, then I really don't think he's talking about you.

    Can you come up with better clues?

    This isn't enough about you. This is just about how he feels like working with nice looking girls. Not sure if he's talking about you.

  • One of two things

    1. He's making you jealous (and it's working)


    2. He thinks he's friend-zoned (which he is)..and doesn't care what he says around you because he is of course, your FRIEND

  • You're reading too much into it. Maybe you're right. Or maybe he wants to make you jealous, because he's attracted to you. Or maybe (most likely) he has no idea you like him and he's just making conversation.

  • does he know that you like him?

    • He definitely doesn't know for sure. But he might suspect I do

    • well just make it more straight up to him that you like him, maybe he thinks that he's in the friend zone and that's why he's doin that to see what your reaction would be.

  • Guys like being around hot women. That's just how it is.


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