Why would a guy say he wants to have a baby with me?

chatting for a long time...well daily. just teasing sometimes and I told him I don't like him.

one time he asked if I would want to have a kid with him

why did he say that? was he just teasing? why would he joke around like that? he want sex from me? a kid is a huge responsibility. he can just say he wants to have sex along that line.


Most Helpful Girl

  • i would run away from a guy if he ever told me that. if he didn't say jk or something like that its really really creepy.

    • Why? Please explain more.

    • so iread in your comment that you don't even know each other? how could you think that that's normal then? would you talk on internet with someone and tell them that?

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  • It's not about sex

    He loves you and aims to marry you

    • you are funny...never met him or seen ea. others pict. lol...how could that be possible

What Girls Said 1

  • Cuz he is an idiot! Sorry

    • haahah funny why?

    • Because he is either being thoughtless or reckless. I hope he wasn't serious

    • hahah he was prob. just teasing lol

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