How can I act normal and not like a creepy weirdo?

Man, I always have the worst of luck at stores. I always have to go with the cute cashier guys. OK that's not the bad part. The thing is that they always try to make conversation or try to be funny with me. and me, I am really shy so I never know what to say. I usually say, "umm... Ok" or just OK, or other one word answers in my quiet soft voice. or sometimes I just smile or laugh but I just don't say much. I feel like I look like a stupid idiot. I can now make eye contact for a few seconds and smile a bit but I just don't know what to say. And I look down alot. Then, when I leave I just say. "ok thanks" and I run out. ha ha well almost run out.

I bet these guys think I'm an awkward idiot but I'm not. I just get kind of nervous. what can I say? I don't have witty remarks or anything. how do I act normal?


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  • You'd be surprised at how much guys find that kind of stuff cute. Some guys are really in to shy girls. I used to be really shy so I know how much of an idiot you feel like when that happens but they're not thinking that. You can always go online and look up conversation tips for talking with guys. Also remember that guys get nervous too so you're not alone. Hope this helps some.


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  • stop hitting on guys and work on your confidence first


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