My dad is more concern about my appearance/flaw than my mum,why is this?

I have scar on my right thigh where I got it from boiling water last year but now its getting fade since I am using scar gel.On my face I have some due to the acne (not visible though).

My mum never show much concern,I can say that she never bother about it.

Not sure why but the weird thing is my dad is very concern about my flaw.He kept asking me to do something about it,and sometimes offered to give me more money saying If money is the problem.

As a girl don't you think mum is the one who suppose to concern more about their daughter look's than dad?


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  • cuz dad knows looks count when you're trying to get a guy.


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  • Guys are more nowdays look oriented. majority tend to see past the personality & choose only the looks. that's why we surpass the nice & cute guys with awesome personality & chase the bad 1s rather. sad but true. goes for girls chasing guys tooo...

  • I wish you to be happy

    I always get a good morale


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  • He's just trying to make sure he's supporting you. Dads sometimes have a weird way of trying to help daughters because they don't really know what to do. They can't really buy you the right makeup and stuff like that.

    All those flaws fade with time, and you dad will probably chill out about it eventually. Just tell him thanks, but don't worry about it.


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