Why do I feel so weird about him now that I know he's only a year older then me?

I'm used to being intimate or dating guys who are older than me, usually in the 2-6 years older then me range. I don't know why but their age attrachs me, and I think around those that age group usually looks older, like more maculine. Not only that, I just feel more comforable around them in 'that' sort of setting.

I just found out that one of my old flames is only a year older then me. I thought he was two years older this whole time. We decided to hook up because I had a bad break up and I just want to be distracted for a bit.

When I saw him (it's been almost a year) I felt like he looked younger. He was taller then me sure, but he just looked more like a child? His shoulders seem less board, his whole built just kinda, looks skinny. he just looked boyish to me. For someone who I had good fun nights with almost a year ago, this new age is kinda a shock to me.

I feel bad though. He's a sweet nice guy and he's fun to be with and talk too. =\ I just feel kinda slight nervious with him. (I realize it's just because I've been with my boyfriend so long and was so devoted, not clingy, that being with another guy freaks me out)

And it's kinda not just him. Any guys around under 2 years older then me, I feel awkward around them. Sometimes even if we are just friends I'd prefer we'd be in a group then one on one.


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  • I'm the same. 2-4 I much prefer sleeping/hanging with older girls, I just feel more in my "clique" and more comfortable. I think it's normal their just more mature. Older girls also are so much better in bed.


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