Is he still thinking about me or...

Long story short ... this man and I started seeing each other a couple months ago. We spoke via fb (knew each other as kids only) for a month or so before meeting, he's 32 I'm 36. The problem is that he's been so inconsistent and I'm starting to feel hurt and confused. After dating a month or so he starting to become distant and when I asked if everything was OK I get the 'things are going to fast speel', I left him alone and a week later I hear from him again ... Another month passes and AGAIN he gives me thUe same speel.The time we spent together was spent doing the usual things and most of the time he was loving, attentive, etc. we had fun together enjoyed each others company and told each other that. I'd met his family, he opened up to me and talked for hours at a time, etc, I don't know what else to say ... It's been a week and I fear that this time around he really is done and I'm heartbrOken, I miss him. I'd like to say that I've left him alone but I messed up Tuesday night by calling him and telling him he wasn't for me anyway, but we could still have sex! Yes, I was having a drink no surprise to him though and I've not called or texted aside from that. He did talk to me and just laughed ... Whatever that means. Am I wasting my time hoping hell start talking to me again? I miss him so much but don't want to tell him that, I know I'm suppose to let him think I'm OK by not contacting him but it's damn hard and is eating away at me regardless, and I've been keeping as busy as I can. Hope this is understandable I'm on my iPhone ... Any advice would be greatly appreciate!
I should clarify that it's twice we dated approx a mOnth and twice he's given me the it's going to fast.


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  • I think if you really want him you should go after him!


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