What to expect when a man is being irresponsible.

Scenario, I am in a very committed relationship. I love my man so much but here is a problem I am facing when something important comes up he backs out. It is putting me in a bind. It stresses me out. That is when I become like a crazy person because he says he will do something but he doesn't and blames me for it and tells me to change. For example, if I have to go to the doctors I ask him to take me he says OK. I don't expect much except take me to the doctors, or important appointments I need to go. If he says "ok" that ought to be a done deal. Because I do not drive and cannot afford a car. There are no public transportations near me. He said he is willing to help me. I expect him to follow through Lately I feel like I am in a bind having to find some one else to take me at the last minute or pay the consequences of paying a doctor's fee. Which I would not like to do if he kept his word. It's affecting me a lot. I blame myself for it. It's not helping me when I all ready have anxiety. I just want to know why.

I shut off all communications with him so I can get a reality check. To see if this is really all my fault or his incompetence.

If there are any women out there who can relate I would like to get your story and input. Please.


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  • Your man is really irresponsible.

    Based from personal and other people's experiences, relationships of this type doesn't really last long, because this only heats up dramas, headaches, arguments and a lot of ill-feelings because one doesn't really put the effort in keeping the flames of relationship burning.


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