What was your college experience like?

For someone just about to begin their college year, I'm curious of what:

- You experienced with meeting new people

- Regret

- Wish you knew before you started
  • Overall good!
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  • Overall bad!
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  • People come go. You're no longer in public school with all the people from your neighborhood. You'll meet people from all over the country in your classes, maybe hang out and become friends maybe never see each other again. Some people will transfer to different schools to further their studies, some will go back home when they are finished, some people will move away to find work when they are done, so on and so forth. Most people you meet, and a lot of people you become friendly with will disappear for ever within a few years. Don't get too comfortable. =P

    • Lol thanks for the input, I don't get attached to people easily so I currently have no worries about getting too comfortable :)

    • I'm just trying to get across that it's not easy to meet new people that are going to stick around. Friends come and go as do people you've dated.

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  • Well, I voted A cause I hope it's gonna be good! And really, experiences in life are just what you make of them. If you go in with the goal of making the most possible out of the year (or four years, but it's better to just go one year at a time :P), you will. New friends, lots of accomplishments, stepping out of your comfort zone... do all you can to have a great college experience, and you will. And hopefully I will too.

    Although, try your best to stay out of trouble haha. Stepping out of your comfort zone doesn't mean hanging out with people who get you to start a riot downtown or try out meth, haha.

  • Neutral. I go for my studies and that's it. I met people, but nothing major.

    No regrets.

    I knew everything and am well prepared.

  • the education, people and such? Mostly good

    The costs? Bah :| US education is so f***ed.

  • It's something I could live very well without. I didn't like any of the people there I met, we were way too different, I felt like a stranger there. Also I changed my mind about the field in which I want to advance, so... but you can't turn back the time, no point to regret, better look forwards.


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