Guys is it a complement for you, if a girl says you are her first?

The Question describes it all. I mean, If a girl with whom you want to sleep with tells you she's a virgin, and that she was waiting for the RIGHT guy, must I add she ain't the whole 'sex after marriage' type of girl, would it offend or complement you?


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  • I can't see how that's offensive. The only way it would be in any way insulting is if she were lying her face off. I mean if she said that, and she's already been with a bunch of guys, or if she's said that, and she's only a "technical virgin" then that would cheapen it a bit, not to mention insult my intelligence. In which case I would prefer she were truthful.

    I only bring all that up because you didn't mention whether or not her saying it was the truth or whether there were technicalities or loopholes in what she said, or whether it was just the straight up truth.

    Anyway, assuming she was telling the truth, there is nothing offensive about that. To me it sounds like she really thinks highly of me. Like she sees me as someone special. It's not like you can just give your virginity to just everyone. So yeah, I'd take it as a compliment. Nothing offensive, here.

    • Cheers, and yeah she'd be telling the truth.

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    • You might not want to surprise him with it, because there's a chance he's gonna know when it happens. I don't know. I think it's better you at least tell him, and ask him if he's gonna be alright with that.

    • you are right.

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  • It would be a compliment as long as she is as important to him as she is making it sound he is to her.

  • I tell every girl that she's my first. It's awesome. I'm awesome.


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