I only get along with "different" people

It's something I have realized recently: I can only enjoy being around people different from others. I don't want to say damaged and I don't want to say weird. A little of both I guess so ill call it different. I'm now in college but it in high school I did a lot of drugs and changed a lot mainly because I had to quit sports teams due to medication I was taking. So I could never really relate to my freinds after that. So I got along with different people and all of them had something off about them. Now in college my freinds are all really off, and I didn't know that about them until I really got to know them. So my question is: do different people always attract different people? Because I feel like I have a super power because if I get along well with someone they have to have something off about them lol


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  • Always been true for me too. I feel a little different and always have thought my friends were a little different too.

    I reckon maybe "ordinary" people are too boring for us?

    But then I think when you scratch the surface everybody is a little bit different (and interesting) its just that some people keep it all inside so their differences don't show to the outside world.

    I think sometimes these people can really appreciate a friendship with a "different" person as it can help them explore and be comfortable with their own "differences"/secrets so don't hold back from anybody, anyone that we connect with must have something to share :)


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