Do you think she is just after money?

My friend is a bit naive when it comes to women, even though he already made bad expierence. The thing is that in the past few years he made a lot of money, and I mean a lot.

I never though this would be true but since then a lot of girls actually only want money. For most it's obvious but with this new girl he is seeing I'm not quite sure.

She is cute and seems very nice and modest but she almost is a bit too good to be true. Like she is 19, he is 30. Why would she date someone so much older. She doesn't have a lot of money because she is in college but my friend spends a lot of money on her. So she is defintley getting out of it.

As I said she is just a little too perfect. She is pretty but still a virgin, she likes cooking and baking, doesn't smoke or drink, always dresses fancy. Her favorite movies are star wars and lord of the rings. She's never bitchy and agrees with everything he says even though it's total bs. it just seems to me that she's trying a bit too hard to please him?


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  • yes, but if she is hot and a good time, then what's the problem? He's a big boy and can make his own decisions.


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  • I don't think he's 100% either, if all he got is money.

    and if that's the case, then she's too good for him.

    • I'm not saying that at all, I'm just afraid that that is all women see

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  • She's not trying that hard to please him, or she wouldn't still be a virgin :p

    Okay I'm mainly joking.

    But are they fooling around, or does he just buy her sh*t and hold hands?

    • From what I know he got to second base and she keeps saying she needs a few more days to go further, but it's been months

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    • I don't know how long they were dating but what is so bad about wanting to wait a while before having sex?

    • Waiting to have sex and not having sex are different.

      What makes you think she's waiting? What makes you think she actually wants to fool around with his d*** and is holding back? In fact she keeps saying 'a few more days' and then not following through, because intellectually she knows she SHOULD be ready, but she doesn't want to.

      "waiting' is not 'don't want to'.

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