Obama's State of The Union Address tonight, all the same as before?

More spending, more and higher taxes and gun control. That's all I got out of this and the President stayed in negative territory for majority of the speech! It's all the same as what he said in his first term! There is no new changes, nothing new to have a positive outlook on from tonight. He uses big lofty goals all the time like "cutting the deficit in half his first term" - and they never happen. We have an economy that is weak, so why take more out of it? It doesn't take an economics degree to figure out that raising thresholds and taxes don't create jobs! He continues to kick the can down the hallway and we spend more then we take in! That doesn't work!

What about a budget that gets passed and BALANCED?

What about a comprehensive immigration reform plan?

What about bolstering international relations?

I mean I don't care if you're a Democrat or a Republican, I care about my country and none of these things this administration is doing works. It's going to be four more years of the same and we are headed for complete collapse.

What were your thoughts on the speech?


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  • He spoke tonight? People still listen to him? He's still president? He should try speaking to the public as if they were older and more educated than kindergarden.

    • Sadly most people are not...

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    • Actually I don't take it personally because I know there are people out there who are f***ing idiots and don't have a clue.

    • He thinks we're all stupid voodoochild.

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  • Obama is amazing and can do no wrong. In fact, we should give him another term to fix what Bush and Republicans alone did to the nation. Obama is the best thing for this country because he represents change and equality. Obama is the best president so far and will go down as the most popular president in history books.

    • This is sarcasm, right?

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    • Thought so.

  • he needs to make weed legal then I will be happy.

  • what the usa needs to do is to work together...both parties need to get their asses in gear and do it for the unity of the country

    Dem pres

    Reb house

    it needs to be unified than EVERYTHING (mostly) could get done but its a fu*cking blame/power game

    • I agree there needs to be a cooperative effort, but it starts at the top. The President is not a dictator, but ours acts like one. He always has to get his way, or things don't work. He has Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi running the Democratic party and both have no interest in cooperating with the other side. This isn't going to get fixed if people don't come together and figure it out. Our country is failing by the day and it's a horrible thing.

    • I love it when people, like the question asker, BELIEVE they know exactly what goes on behind closed doors in the government. I'm pretty sure a normal citizen won't have all the insider details about whether or not the president is willing to compromise.

    • Crissy, I am well aware you're an Obama lover so your opinion is naturally biased.

  • I'm not for a republican or democrat , But I'm so tired of republicans complaining when they haven't accomplish anything . Maybe more people would get on board , If what they complain about gets done. My whole family except for a couple , Are conservatives or independents . But we're so disappointed in conservatives that the majority of us have gave up on them , And just rely on hope. During the campaign , All the conservatives radio station said Romney would win. I'm also tired of shawn and rush reverse psychology , Like people don't know what they're doing . My family supported ronald reagan . , Now the conservative party has turned into a joke. Marco rubio makes a speech and reach over to grab a water bottle, Which he almost dropped and started drinking . Do you think Obama would've done that , To make people stay on board . The republican party has to sharpen up , My mom has given up on Rush Limbaugh . By her and some others doing this , I know the party has really fell off. The party has to be stronger and better are this would be a democrat world.

    • 2 party system in America. We have Democrats and Republicans. It's checks and balances in order to have a compromise to everyone's common interests. One party is not supposed to dominate the government and unfortunately the President wants everything his way or no way. He executive orders anything he doesn't get his own way on too which I feel is an abuse of power. Now I believe very much in being bi-partisan, and especially at this stage of America. Rubio was thirsty, you're just nit picking.

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    • I also agree with QA on the last comment , I like Ron Paul . But I also saw him as a bridge . But The reason I agree with stiches , Is because I think the conservative party lost a lot of votes . By not counting Ron Paul votes . Believe it or not , Ron Paul is very popular and likeable.

    • Of course I agree with that statement. I think if the GOP pitched more support toward Ron Paul there would have been a different turn out. If Romney wasn't conservative enough, there's no way Paul would be. That's what killed it off.

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  • Well I did like the thought of raising minimum wage to $9.00 an hour I missed the 1st half due to my night class.

    • A higher minimum wage might also decrease turnover and thus keep training costs down. When legislators raise the price of low- and unskilled labor, it’s usually low- and unskilled laborers who end up paying the price.

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    • We need to cut spending and not raise taxes. Look at the Reagan economic model. Carter created a mess and Reagan fixed it and it worked for 20 years. We never learn from history, and history always repeats itself. Progressive ideals lead to the Great Depression and we need to stop spending money.

    • @Qa thanks for the compliment and for the added insight. :)

      @Stitches I see, that makes sense I understand now. Thanks for the input! :D

  • I had better things to do than to listen to some aszhole blow hot air.

  • Better than not wasting money in pointless wars for oil. Either way, both parties are stupid. Obama sucks but Romney was just as sh*tty candidate. Conservatives think they are all smart and liberals think they are all big hearted.

    With Democrats running the show, it's the money makers who are suffering due to higher taxes among them. With Republicans running the show, it's rich get richer and poor get poorer.

    • Iraq and Afghanistan weren't over oil. In case everyone forgot, we were attacked in NYC on 9/11/01. What do you pay to fill your gas tank? (if you're old enough to even drive). When the Democrats are "running the show" they tax the crap out of those who own companies that employ people. So all this rampant spending and tax hikes only starve off job creation, not help it.

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    • Kennedy was great! By the way sorry, I didn't mean to call you dumb personally or anything. And rednecks are cool, just the stereotypical ones aren't. I lost hope in Obama long time ago.

    • Kennedy was great! It's okay, politics are a grey area and no matter how intelligent or educated one is, the opposing viewpoint always allows for a personal attack on personality. Ya I'm not a Republican or a Democrat, I am a Libertarian/Constitutionalist who leans more right then left. I'm from the Northeastern United States and am surrounded by Liberals, so I am used to being lumped into categories for having opposing views.

  • all he does it talk crap so why listen? lol


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