My boyfriend's friend is acting weird?

Hi, I met my boyfriend's friend Matt, at a New Year's Eve party. He was very awkward around me, which I understood, since we'd never met and I was in his house.

In any case, all during that party, and every time we've hung out as a big group since meeting him, he has been very...obnoxious. He wouldn't let my boyfriend and I sit next to each other during the party, and when we went out dancing the other night, he would let us dance. He kept barging in between us and shoving us apart.

Then at dinner the other day, he made himself and his girlfriend sit in between us so we weren't by each other.

He always makes sure he's between my boyfriend and I whenever we go anywhere with his friends, and yells at us when we touch.

There was no alcohol involved in any of these cases. So I don't know why.

At first I thought it was funny, then it got annoying and now it just ticks me off. My boyfriend and I have been together for three years, so it's not like I'm some random girl. I've been in their group for those three years, but Matt is a newer addition.

So...what gives? My boyfriend is annoyed at it too, but he doesn't want to offset the balance of the group since most of his friends like Matt. I guess Matt talks bad about me when I'm not there and I don't even know why.

All I said to the kid was, "Hello, I'm Alex, nice to meet you." when we were introduced, "Thank you," when he filled my cup at the New Year's Party, "Happy New Year, thank you for having me." when we were leaving his house, and then just normal greetings at the other occasions. I can't figure out what I must have done to make him dislike me so.


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  • Im not sure if he is into your boyfriend and really the meaning behind this guys actions are irrelevant to why the actions are allowed to continue.

    Is he gay, does he not like you, is he defensive of his friend, is he mature... Does it matter?

    Your boyfriend needs to step up and talk to the guy. It's not cool regardless of his reasons to act like this. At the least I guess you could pull matt aside and just say (nice and kindly) what gives, why do you constantly do x,y,z?


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