Should I continue to see him?

i am a freshman in college and have recently met this guy that seemed pretty cool. We hung for a few weekends, had good conversation, had a lot in common, and I would always turn him down tho when he made moves because I've become tired of just hooking up with guys. I'm looking for a relationship.

i ended up getting **pretty** drunk last weekend, and (shame on me I know) ended up having sex with him. He didn't talk to me for a week! after we did the deed, and texted me tonight at 12 saying "hey what's up? I have your necklace thing."

and being the drama queen I am I replied "yeah thatd be cool if I could get that back..."

anyways, instead of him asking me to come over like I expected him to do, he invited me to be his date tomorrow at a Valentine's gathering his frat was having.

What do I say? I don't want to give in and be used, but now I'm not sure if he is trying to use me? am I just dumb?

IF you think I should I say yes, what do I say?

IF you think I should I say no, what do I say?

a lot of you may be like "omg.. make your own decisions."

but I'm tired of being hurt and used by guys, and I'm obviously very bad at figuring out who wants to use me and who actually likes me.


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  • Sex is generally a big deal for a lot of people, especially women. Not talking to each other for a week after the first time together seems a bit harsh. Did you text or call him? Because it does go both ways.

    He's actually making an effort, by asking you to the gathering, to make it more than a one night stand. Now, is he only after sex again? Who knows? You won't know unless you see him again truthfully.

    To me, it sounds like you don't want to see him again. You sound ticked at him. If you are, then don't go. But if you want to find out what could possibly come of this, then go. If he's only after sex, it'll be pretty easy to tell.


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