Boyfriend stole my money

what do I say to him? on vaca a few weeks back he took $50 out of my bag to buy drugs! wtf?! I don't know what to say to him! I don't even know where to start!
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  • if that were to happen to me I wouldn't be as pissed off by how much he stole rather than the fact that he actually stole and actually bought drugs, I might forgive him if its like he bought softdrinks or was hungry or something (i'd still make him pay for it) but drugs? wtf.

    every one of his friends must be delusional if they really think he's a good guy or are siding with him and probably do drugs with him, I think you should just get rid of him before he does something worse, addicts are the hardest to cure, don't expect him to change.

    • once I tell them the things he does to me you should see the look on their faces! most of my friends won't talk to him anymore & don't like him.

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  • This is why I have a strong dislike for drugs. They make people do disgusting things, including hurting people they love. I know we don't know each other, but I'd say the same thing if you were sister. Leave this guy.

  • I'm surprised you still consider him your boyfriend.

    • me too! I'm currently thinking about how I'm going to deal with all this. read my other questions about him this isn't the only one!

  • Just say nothing. NOTHING AT ALL. Stop seeing him. Stay out of his way.

    Block him in your mail & Facebook, in your cell phone if you can. Those $50 are lost: 'learning tuition' When a drug user is and 'need' he'll do anything to get his drug, even if that includes stealing (or worse) ANYTHING.


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  • you tell him to get out! this is not the first or last time he will do this! you either offer him to get help for his drug problem or tell him get out of your life!

    • read my other stories omg this is getting to be too much. its also pretty hard for him to stay out of my life when him & his friends are best friends with all my friends...

    • its hard but not impossible

  • I'd just call it a DEAL BREAKER and jump ship.

    Seriously. Your boyfriend stole from you. He could have asked but he went in to your purse and STOLE it from you!

  • So he doesn't know that you know? Ask for that money back and ideally dump his dishonest ass.

    • i wish it was that easy. I'm thinking of just talking with his mom. he's done a lot of other things too. feel free to check out my other stories this is just one of like 3 or 4! ugh :/

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    • I only see two questions! I actually already replied to the Valentine's day gift one ;-) That guy really sounds like a jerk.

    • yeah & everyone who knows him is always saying what a nice guy he is...well...he's not a nice boyfriend!

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