Why do girls say they like nice guys?

I have no problem with whatever decisions women make in love and relationships or whatever and you can date whoever you want but why is it always being spewed by all females and the media that girls like nice guys? I've been around for a while now and I've seen this time and time again women will ditch nice guys for abusive type guys or guys with no goals or aspirations or whatever because they are controlling and mysterious and don't cater to her but instead themselves?


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  • They like nice men.

    Note this means 'they are happier if the man they are dating is nice'. Not 'if you're nice and have a penis she's turned on and wants to date you'.

    Do you like girls who can cook and love giving blowjobs? I bet you do. So if I find you a random girl who you find totally annoying and unattractive with those traits you'd date her? No?

    Liking men who are nice does not mean 'nice' is the only (or even main) factor they look for.

    • I don't like your little example you gave though. When I wrote this I was implying that all non characteristic traits are equivalent for both types of guys so I'm only basing it off of nice vs non nice personalities while holding all other factors constant for both types of guys. If I met two girls who had the same attractiveness and one was nice and the other was a bitch I'd take the nice one.

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    • sounds just like an alpha male just without the ego and actually caring for women.

    • Close to that yeah. Most women want someone who can look after them, which is different from wanting a servant.

  • I think they like the thought of it, but not in practical use, you know? They are more likely interested in molding guys that are hard to mold into the romantic, sweet types instead of taking the already romantic, sweet types. Even while trying to mold, they like the resistance. It kind of sucks too because these girls become moms and try to give advice to either their kids or they're on advice giving shows and they're giving the wrong advice. Now, I'm not sure if I made much sense here, but the topic is about women, so it fits oh so well.

    • nah what you said makes sense and I agree.

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