Where to take the conversation next.

ok so he lives in my halls, we've never had a face to face conversation but seen him around, he sent me a message on Facebook saying: You're beautiful! I said thanks :) and he came back with you're welcome :) this morningg, but he seems like a nice guy we have a few mutual friendss and I want to keep the conversation going without it being weird because we don't know each other. he was at a friends party that I was at on Friday. so guys what d'youss think I should say, I was thinking you're not so bad yourself.. thanksss :)


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  • Talk about what ever is around you.

    If you were at a party, talk about how people should be enjoying a part, your experiences about past parties, or how you would want to host a party at your house.

    There's a lot of things to talk about, just be observant.


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