Got a new 'too and my boyfriend freaked out

My boyfriend of 4 years met me with a tattoo and he accepted it. I wanted to get another one but he said no. Because he didn't like tattoos. OK fine but time goes by and this something I want. Just Because he didn't like it doesn't mean we can compromise but then again this is my body. I got a rose tattoo on my arm on Sat. It wasn't raunchy or bad in that matter. I did it for me and if he couldn't accept me for me then we are not meant to be. I can't pretend to be something I'm not. Anyhow later that night I went to pick him up at his friends house he was trashed. My arm was out of my sweatshirt and he saw the tattoo and he asked what the f**k was that and he said I don't like that sh** and spit on my tattoo and called me a bitch. I then said get the f**k out of my car if you are going to disrespect me. He refused and I said I will drop you off and your brothers he attempted to rip my tattoo off scratching me I gave him a left hook in the face and he pulled my hair calling me a bitch. I told him it was over he opened the door I kicked him out threw his foo at him and sped off with the door open afraid he might jump in. He was high obvious but I never felt my degraded in my life. He keeps calling me but I don't answer and I don't think our relationship is savable.. anyone beg to differ?


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  • "I can't pretend to be something I'm not." - LOL! we're talking about some sh*tty tattoo, honey. a sh*tty tattoo. a rose. talking about cliches. you would need to pretend to be someone else if there was no rose tattoo?

    get real.

    about the guy: spitting on a tattoo? trying to scratch it off? he's a moron. and if you'll stay with him you're a moron too.

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    • you're very mean. no wonder why you ended up with a guy like him.

    • Actually I am not~ assumptions are terrible.. would you like someone to mock your question when it has nothing to do with it? I attract jerks maybe.. I broke it off but family members insisted that I give him a chance.. y? so that I can pretend to be catholic again..and have to follow everything he says.. that ain't me.. its half and half in this world .. that's why I ask .. it isn't worth it.

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  • Hell no, let him go. Sounds like an abusive prick.


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