I'm not saying I'm paranoid, but I need help controlling my thoughts....I terrify myself sometimes

.Have you ever had a thought that no matter what you did, you just couldn't stop thinking about it? what I'm saying is: My girlfriend goes to college and my own mind is tearing me apart!

I'm staying at the college with her at the moment, and she goes to class, leaving me to stay at the apartment. Well no matter how positive I try to think, I keep getting worried about her. She goes to class frantic when she's late(understandable), but she pretties herself up so well for a simple class, but I noticed its only in Composition Theory...now I know what you're thinking: but I know for a fact that my girlfriend would never cheat on me (ever!)

I could really use advice on how to control my thoughts on this matter, cause hate to worry and hurt her by making her think that I don't trust her when I do.

My other question is: can anyone relate to me in uncontrollable thoughts about your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse?

Amber, if you read this, I love you! but I probably wouldve explained myself to you before you read this by now, but thank you for trusting me to trust you. :)


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  • You should spend more time outside of your apartment, and hang out with your friends.

    Staying in the apartment will make you think about uncontrollable thoughts.

    • ok I shouldve been more specific lol

      i live in a different town, my girlfriend went to a college a few towns away, driving to hang out with my friends 2 hours away is a no go when her classes range from one to 3 hours long

    • and I'm also here for only 4 days to see her

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