My boyfriend didn't buy me a birthday present

Yesterday was my birthday and I am fairly upset as to what happened. I went to my boyfriend's parents house for dinner and everything was great up until later that night. When we got back home, he just picked up his computer and started looking around at things on the Internet. I was kind of expecting a gift or a card or something. We have been dating for over a year and a half and last year he bought me all kinds of nice things. I really don't need a gift, I just wanted a card or something. Especially seeing as I am ALWAYS doing nice things for him like mailing him his birthday card since we are apart during the winter and that's when his birthday is and writing him cute love letters. He never does anything like that for me and up until now that was okay because I just shrugged it off as that he isn't a romantic person. I am really upset though, I feel kind of taken for granted. I brought it up to him last night and he said that he just thought since we have known each other for so long that it wasn't necessary, but I think that the more you know someone, the more you want to get them something. I'm just confused, what do you guys think?

Sorry this was so long-winded by the way, I just need to vent a bit.



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  • i think those things are still needed , maybe not all the time , because you guys have known each other so long, but in my opinion you need to talk to him again and say how much you cared about that , and that means a lot to you , its your birthday once a year , even if not romantic at all he should try , that's the problem with most people, after a while they think they love some one just the same , but those things that they use to do arnt needed , you need to remind him that to you they are


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  • He's really taking you for granted. You can't expect any more lovey-dovey from him anymore.

    You're better if with other guys.


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  • Wow, that sucks! I see why you would feel upset! I would talk to him about that so he knows that's not OK and try to be more thoughtful next time! Good luck :)


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