Don't get along with my daddy.

Well my father his lawyer and he wanted me also to become a lawyer,but I could not because I have not completed my graduation, just collage, now I do job, then also like he is never happy with me, always9says I bring shame to the family, insults me and humiliates me in front of relativws, says leave my house, I don't say a word because his my father, but that hurts me, I thinkbof leaving the house but I can't live without my mother, I am just tired and sick of this. Feel like ending this life, I am not strong at all to take all this, feel very lonely.
I am sick and tired, I just want to get out of here anywhere but will never to comw back, ready to do any. Work, just me and my son, two things stop me, my mother and my son, I have filed case in court for pwrmanent custody of my son, his just two years old, my wife she died becausw of tb, I am emotionally, mentally drained, she left me alone, god has been not fair to me, who will now take care of my son, how will I alone handle him, and will I be able to be a good father to my son. I definatel
see the father of my my wife, he got 4 daughters, his second daughter was married to me that was my wife, at the time of her death her 4th daughter wasn't married, and if so called my father in law was so much interested in welfacre of my son, won't he had married his 4th daughter with me as he could have been like a real mother to my son, but he did not marry her with me, and married her somewhere else, now they are just old age couple with my son, now why the hell they don't give my son.
they said once to me, that you will have to give us in writing on a legal paper that you will never marry again in your life time, is that fair?, he asking me to do it and should I do it


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  • I've never heard a grown man call his father "Daddy" before.

    Leave. Live life independently, it's time.

    • Yep, because you stay there and I stay here, our way of living and thinking is old, even if I turn 60 then also he will be my daddy only, here family ties are very strong, I respect him, anyways thanks you took some time for valueable comments.

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  • Your son needs you! I say be strong. I think you will be a better example than your father! Have goals and make it a mission to show unconditional strength and love for your son. Life is not fair, it is what you make of it. You can do it!

    • Thanks for your such a lovely advice, thank you friend

    • Make two column on a paper. Make a list of problems you are facing on the left and a solution side on the right side. This helped me when I was going through things! You might also want to do a 3 month, 6 month, one year, 5 year, and 10 year goals plan! I will check back with you in a couple months. I really believe you can do!

    • You girls are so smart, fantastic, guys out there are so lucky as compared to me,byou are superb, youbmade. Me your fan, thanks 4 lovely advice

  • So you haven't finished college?

    • Just not a graduate, doing correspondanCe course, thanks for your comments friend

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    • i had to go for now, but you really are very good in giving advice at such a young age, I definitely see a bright future of yours, you can even try in opening up a consultation firm, you will be best, have a nice day.

    • You didn't answered to my question

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  • Well...seriously leave your house. It'll effect your studies and work whatever you do. You can always come back later when you get settled with a better job. Get a room in close proximity of your house and you can visit your mom daily. Well it would hurt your fathers ego though but you need to do it bro. This is obviously a crucial time of your life. So don't mess up with it.

    • Thanks for the suggestion friend, but I am singe and it'd difficult to find room for bachelors. I am stuck up

    • try some dorm. Many guys live on rent.

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