Housing for next year, which group do you think I should live with? (please read)

Next year will be my second year at university, and need somewhere new to live. I'm sticking with one of my current flat mates because I get on with her so well, but we have 2 options of who we could live with. Here's the choices, which do you think we should pick?

1. One girl from my course that I know well-ish, and two girls from my friend's course (she knows one of them really well, but the other she hardly knows) We don't know where we would live, and they don't know each other. Our only concern is things could get quite quiet or catty with all girls (what other people have said) but we get on with them quite well and they are studious and can have good nights out

2. There are 5 lads looking for two flatmates for next year. They already have the house they want sorted, it's in a very student area, really cheap and so close to campus. We've only just met them but they do seem lovely, and we got on with them. This is more of a gamble, seen as we don't know what they'd be like or if we could become part of their friend group, but I have a positive vibe from it, like it'd be fun or something.
  • The five new guys (house already sorted) GAMBLE!
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  • The three course girls (not a clue on the house) SAFE BET!
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  • This seems like a no brainer. Guys and girls living together can be a recipe for disaster for reasons beyond sexual. Throw that in with the fact that you don't know them and it could end very poorly.

    The girls, on the other hand, are people you know and like. While you do run the risk of getting into fights, you would have that problem with any gender roommates. There is a much higher risk of fights with 7 people in one house than 5.


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  • If you knew the guys as well as or better than the girls, I'd say either one would be a good bet. Since you've only just met that group, though, I wouldn't advise living with them - you have no idea how they like to keep their house, what other people they like to hang out with, and whether they're legitimately good, honest people yet. I think it's better to know as much about your roommates as possible so that you don't have any unpleasant surprises upon moving in together.


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