If I don't see her a lot, is she more likely to say no?

If I ask her out? I only see her two-three times a week and only talked to her a few times...

At least I can make her laugh, though she's a bit more serious than me.


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  • Sure you can ask her out,. First I would make sure that she's into you first

    When you say she's a bit more serious than you, what does that exactly?. ...just curious.

    • I'm a little more goofy. But considering no girl's ever been into me, I don't think waiting to see if she's into me is a good idea because, if that was the case, I'd never ask a girl out.

    • Ok point taken...then go for it at the end of the day you really have nothing to lose..I was just talking along the line of prematurely asking...sometimes timing is everything, but you sounds very confident..which is a great thing...so while timing is right for you..go for it..good luck :-)

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