What should I say to her?

Back in August I went on dates with my crush. We were heading for a relationship at first, but after she came back from a vacation of a few weeks she saw me more as a friend. Due to that, we lost all contact.

An hour ago, however, I received a text from her: "Hey, it's been a while since we talked, and I really think that's a shame :s xx"

How should I reply to this? It might be nice to talk to her again, but it's not really necessarry.


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  • You should reply. If you still care for her (as a friend OR as a potential partner), write to her. First - are you seeking a romantic connection or just friendship? Figure that out in your mind before writing back to her.

    Why is it not "necessary". Indeed, you do not *need* to reply. In fact, in life, there is rarely an occasion where you would ever need to reply to anyone. But if you want to see where this road takes you, write to her... from the heart. Be honest and open and caring. Perhaps her life has changed and she wants you back?


  • Say yeah it has. How've you been?


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