How to know if a boy likes you online?

I've been talking to this boy for a very long time, we know each other pretty good. We chat and talk on the mic (voice to voice) and when we were chatting (text) I had shown him my picture (as well as he did to me) and he said:

Him: my bro was like "WOAH"

And I was like, "Haha I'll take that as a complement."

Then he said: "Wanna know my honest opinion?"

Me: Yes, I do.

Him: " I think you're very pretty, but I can't say anymore or else my girlfriend would kill me.

I've known him before he knew his girlfriend and I'm not looking to separate them I wouldn't ever do that. But I just wanna know...if he likes me. And when ever he logs on he see's that I'm online and right away says, "Heyy, wuddup" or something like that. {hope I didn't jinx that haha}

So what do you guys thing?


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  • Having a girlfriend complicates things. Do you know him in person at all? If not, there's nothing really to talk about.

    • I don't know him in person but all summer we just goofed off and talked, then we started talking about 5 days ago again

  • yeah he probably likes you both is this on xbox live or something?

    • its something similar to xbox live besides its on the pc

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    • meant question mark lol. and not a period. on the last one its only on pc?

    • Yeah Counter strike source is only on PC

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