Should I return the term of endearment?

I met a guy not too long ago and we've already been on two dates and gotten close. Almost right off of the bat he started calling me 'darling' but I think that's normal in his culture. He's a huge romantic, as am I, but I'm also very cautious, kind of like a see-saw. I think the best I could do is say 'handsome' but really, I don't get into that until I'm going steady with someone. Could he be waiting for me to say something back though?


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  • You should never feel pressured to do or say something in a relationship that you don't feel comfortable to. If you have never used a term of endearment then he probably doesn't mind. Besides it has only been two dates. I don't think he is waiting for you to say something, but I am sure he wouldn't complain if you did. There are other ways to express that you like him besides using terms of endearment. Just do what you feel comfortable with and if he has a problem, he will probably bring it up. Hope this helped, good luck with him!


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