Can a guy pretend to cry with tears?

I was dating this guy on and off for over a year and a half, he came back couple of months ago, for some reason I feel in my heart that I couldn't trust him. Even though he's 38 he's a very immature, selfish guy. Anyway he recently told me he was moving to another state for a job, on that night he started crying (with tears)!, by the way he was not drunk... saying that I was his dream girl and he would still pursue me. Couple days later I saw a new profile he had just created in the area where he's moving to, I just can't believe someone can be so fake or just an amazing actor! Please advise... LOL


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  • I can't fake cry, anytime I have ever cried I have hated it and tried to pull it back. So if someone ever sees me cry it is the reel genuine deal.


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  • why do you think he's fake? I'm pretty sure he didn't pretend to cry. he cares about you, but that doesn't change the fact that he needs to move on with his life. do you expect him to stay single?

    • Well... I just thought it was kind of contradicting for him to be so emotional and after couple of days creating a profile with pictures on a dating site and almost not contacting anymore... How can you go from 100 to almost 0 in a matter of days? He wouldn't even talk to me on the phone, and hasn't texted me in 2 days...

    • don't you get it? it hurts too much. as soon as he hears your voice, he'll get depressed.

    • You have no idea how hard this is been for me... I really like him and to hear him say to me that we should be friends after an amazing weekend saying he loved me its really emotionally traumatic for me. I can't help but think he was playing with my feelings... :(

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  • Don't believe it guys can fake it just as good as girls can .


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