Is this a good birthday gift for him?

My boyfriend is turning 27 and he is incredibly hard to shop for. However, he's a sports fanatic and loves to play golf. He knows I hate golf, so I figured I would get him a "guys day out" sort of gift and buy him a gift certificate to go golfing with his buddies, plus a couple cigars, and a couple travel bottles of whiskey, as he and the guys like to smoke and drink while playing.

Good idea or no? Would it be something you'd appreciate?
The other idea (that his best friend suggested) was getting tickets for both of us for a local semi-pro soccer game. I'm really not sure which is better, and I can't afford both. I don't want to be the selfish girlfriend that buys him a gift that involves me too!


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  • Maybe make him breakfast before him and his friends go golfing/drinking! That sounds like quite the day to me!


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  • Is he "incredibly hard to shop for"? Or do you just have no clue what to get him? From my experience, any guy worth his salt will appreciate whatever his girlfriend gets him. If he likes golf, cigars and whiskey, why wouldn't you get this for him? I'm sure he (and his friends) will enjoy it greatly.

    • He just gives me absolutely no direction to go in. I think he's shy about it honestly. He also has pretty much every physical item he really wants at this point.

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    • Haha, yeah that seems to be the "go to" gift for boyfriends. Mine has no sense of smell so cologne isn't even an option he'd enjoy anyway. I think I'm going to go with the first one, thanks for the input!

    • My pleasure!

  • Both sound pretty good! but either way, you should offer to DD.

    • That's a really good suggestion, I didn't even think of that, thanks!

  • I think the golfing idea sounds awesome


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