I want to act like a Lady

Lately, I've noticed I've become very...bad. I curse a lot, a dress like some "bad girl" with tons of rings, necklaces, makeup, earrings. I want to act more like a lady, talk like a lady. I don't want to be like every girl in our school: bad, slutty, trash. I want to be like a lady. Even in school. I wear a simple red sweater with black pants and brown high heeled boots (dress code). I would rather wear skirts and dresses (but not slutty ones. cute ones. I have so many that I wish I could show off). I want to be a girlie girl whom people look at and can say, "she acts so mature and ladylike.." what should I do? I always catch myself doing what I'm not supposed to do. I try to bring my cursing down a notch and whenever I'm mad I simply say "I don't believe we should continue our conversation. I wouldn't like to sink down to your level." Or I just simply smile and walk past the person I'm mad at. I really want to act modest, ladylike. Help?


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  • Read books on how you can improve yourself.

    Reading helped me a lot when it comes to motivating myself, have more self-confidence, and more knowledge.

    You can start by reading this book:

    How To Live Like A Lady: Lessons in Life, Manners, and Style

  • To be good, you have to have the will to be good. You need to find someone in your life, or find something that has meaning, so that you can learn morality and virtue. I wouldn't want to be with a girl that curses, and I would want to be with a girl that is modest in speech and dressing. It's not easy to fill your mind with virtue and good thoughts. While reading books can help, you need to find true religion and true practioners of what is good and wholesome. Not only must you want to act like a lady, but you must also start trying to be like a lady. Start right now.


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