Why do guys says that their one for you but not with you.....

I have been speaking to my ex for a long time on and off. We need distance because he was scared to go the extra mile. I had told him that their guys that are willing to take the risk while your scared. And he told me that I'm one for him. And when I ask why.. He didn't answer... is it because he needs more time to get his things straight or he just knows. Is there a chance he will prove it to me cause he stop playing games and always says we see. He knows that I care about him. But time will tell...What do you think from a guy's opinion?


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  • It sounds like he labeled you as a risk. Maybe you've been putting too much pressure on him, stressing him out. You've given me the impression that you're a control freak or have your expectations set too high.

    • Thats not true cause he barely spends any time with me or even communication

  • "Why am I the one for you?" 18-24yr old guys can seldom answer that question. We just know at that point we're not comfortable with anyone else. And so many questions that follow that one that also need answering. As in; Can I do this? How do I tell if she IS the one? What if it fails? What if I fail her? What if she or I cheat on each other? etc. Nobody wants to get married if they're just going to get divorced at 25. Give him space and take comfort in the old saying "If you love something let it go..."

    • Thats not true cause there barely any type of communication plus this person is lik four years older than me. Y say something if you can't explain in details

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    • Sorry I didn't understand your reply.

    • Basically I'm saying that you shouldn't say rite words when you keep being scared and know I never hurt..and you say you dnt wnt me to b with other people then you nd to make a move

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