Girls, I need opinion on little gift

boys/men give to the girls/women (relatives, colleagues, girlfriend, neighbours ) these little figurines as a way to mark arrival of spring. it's a tradition and the figurines are available to buy.

i handmade one for the girl I like. we both acknowledge as having a thing for each other but we are not official, and avoid being too obvious flirts around others at school. (I feel her bff seems to have smth against me)

do you think I should tell her it's made by me ?! would you be OK if the guy you like would give you smth that was made by him. wouldn't she see it as a bit over the top ?

should I avoid giving her the gift while others are around?


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  • Yes definitely tell her you made it, it will make the gift all the more special.

    Hiding your interactions and such sounds a bit silly and will probably have to end sooner or later, but if you would feel better giving it to her privately then there's nothing wrong with that.


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