What to do with my slight obsession with Lanuage and Culture

I'm obsessed with language and culture! I love the variety of languages there are and how peoples' cultures differ from those in the west. I don't know a better way to explain it really. But lately I've been pressured into thinking about what job I should take and the courses which would would help me. But since I was little, people have expected me to become a doctor which I don't want anymore. So what job would be good for someone like me because I can't even think of one, and the univeristy courses that I should take?

Also, I've been trying to learn a 4th language, Korean. How do I stay dedicated to learn such a difficult language?


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  • I'm interested in languages and cultures too.

    Although my major has nothing to do with this,

    but I'm interested in my major as well.

    Anyways, I'm trying to learn Japanese and Korean..

    One of my friends said it took her 5 years to be

    a proficient and fluent in Korean language.

    I think it would be even easier for you,

    if you were a language major.

    Some universities even send their students from time to time

    to some countries to learn their language and cultures.

    So I guess this's the best major to you. ^_^


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  • Be a travel writer.

    Or be a flight/ cruise attendant. By traveling to places and serving a variety of people, you get to hone your language skills.


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  • You could always try to become a linguist for the military, but to pass the test you have to score incredibly high which basically means you have to be 100% fluent in whichever language you try to become a linguist for.

    You could become a professor and teach a language.

    You could become a tour guide(for the country of the language you favor most)

    I've actually been told that Korean and Japanese are the easiest Asian languages to learn. I know countless (white) people who've learned Japanese on their own, due to their obsession with all things Japanese.

    If you're dedicated, it won't be hard...


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