Is it possible to get at least 4 'C's in A'level?

Okay,so I'm planning to take A'level exam at the for 4 subject end of this year. My subjects are Biology,Chemistry,History and Maths. Basically I'm new to History but I love History and I'm attending night classes. I sat for this exam already(excluding History) but I only get 1'A' Level that's for my Biology a D and the others I only get the AS part of the exam.

1) Can I get 4'C's(at least) at once?(for AS and A2 Level at one sitting)

My highest goal would be (Maybe) 2'A*'s . I can't afford to fail anymore and I should be in the university right now but I'm just not satisfied with my results and I can't depend much on my parents sending me off to the university. I need free scholarship from the govt.


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  • Yeah you can. Like you can get for A's if you want, A levels are just whatever you score. All you have to do is memorize enough information, really. Just keep going over your notes, play with flashcards, etc. History, especially, is about the progress of events.

    If you can't afford University or don't feel ready, though, don't worry about going yet. Do your A-levels, get what you get, get a little job and keep living. When you're ready, if it's two years or ten years, University will still be there, and you'll be much better prepared for it. School is better when you're young because it's just hammering in sh*t for you to remember, but University is nowhere near like that. You need to *actually* learn academically in Uni, and most people who come straight out of A-level and go into Uni are shocked and often drop out. It's better to wait until you're ready overall, anyway.

    What I'm saying is; do what you do, get what you get. Get rid of the "I can't afford to fail anymore and I should be in the university right now" mentality. What's the RUSH, man? Listen - patience is key in everything. Listen to good old Lao Tzu, or whatever. Don't try and rush it. You can't continue your whole life at that ridiculous pace. And yeah - that's the pace most people are going at. But most people are chronically ill mentally depressed drug addicts, etc. Don't be like most people. Ir a su bola, right?

    Get a few A-levels under your belt if you can. Go out and do a little work, be a little lower-class bohemian for a little. Be a little William Blake or Jack Kerouac. Get enough money for University, or maybe by the time you get the money you'll want something different and you'll be glad you didn't go to University.

    Your dream, like Yale, will still stand. Better to embrace it older and more refined, than young and foolhearty. Better to embrace it with iron will than with anxious desperation, right? *Relax*, man.

    Also the government ain't giving you sh*t we're becoming Libertarian LOL don't hold out for that any time soon.

  • Think positively. Don't force your brain to think about negatives.

    And, I wish you good luck.


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