How come men say that they're not interested in you, but then when you don't give them attention..

they turn the complete opposite?

This guy was making a joke near where I was standing that he wasn't that interested in me. I never talked to him before. Yet he tries to act "cool" around me.

When I ignore him, he looks annoyed and turns the complete opposite and starts making overboard compliments and expressing interest in me.


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  • Because he's playing games. He's teasing you with negs to make you work for his affection. It's a pretty common technique. He's just not good at it. He is attracted to you, his game is just weak.

    • thanks for answering. when a guy does that, I just assume he's not interested and move on.

    • Sure, no problem.

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  • Because some guys are so obsessed with their egos

  • Because he is an idiot


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