WTF Stange behavior why pop back up what do you think

Well its a long story but here goes I dated a dude An cheated so we broke up he joined the navy An 2 years later hits me up we strictly had a sexual relationship An it ended when he failed to show up to one of our f*** session now a year later he's back but claiming that he realizes that he made a mistake An wants to try us for real saying he wants marriage An blah blah blah but he's moved to new york An wants me to come live there with him he's not crazy I know this I've known him for 6 years but here's where the issue comes in he suppose to be getting out of the navy An he says he's biz e trying to get out but our convos Have gone from I miss us to sour puss attitude An I don't wanna talk An when I pressed him on what was wrong he said they weren't trying to let him out an he's ready to start his life with me now he's stop talking to me now why pop up if you really weren't serious about what you said ...we agreed to Have a few visits between us before we agree to and e thing serious is he with some one should I give him his time to work sh*t out not taking the lack of communication as anything other stress An biz e ness ... but I believe that if you want to b withe someone you put in time but we do Have a history An I remember how he courted me before An I had all the time I wanted from him another thing he Messd his phone up so now we only talk online till he can buy on this all has happen in 2 or3 weeks it switched as soon as he found out they were gonna make him finish the month instead of letting him out a week ago ... so what's your take am I over thinking it or is he just f***in with me
He also has been married before but didn't last long on our 2 year depart lol An has a child that he pays a large amout for ... so more stress to deal with ... he made his bed An has to lay in it but I won't tell him that lol


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  • It seems that he's just holding you around. You're better off without him. He's just giving you so much drama and stress in your life.


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  • He wants sex again and is going back to women he's already slept with thinking that if he did it before he can do it again. He's just f***ing with you, don't take him seriously. Don't even entertain him


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