Boyfriend's Birthday

Normally I give my boyfriend gifts for holidays but for his birthday I wanted to something a little different. I want to have a small surprise party for him with some of his friends (probably 10 people in total). I am a student and therefore don't have much time or money. I am planning on serving sandwiches (fancy catered ones), organic potato chips, natural cola, and a store bought cake.

I feel bad as I won't be able to actually make any of it myself (I usually make pretty much everything from scratch, including yogurt and bread). I just won't have the time to do that so was relying on store bought things. Does this seem like a good idea to do for his birthday?

Thank you so much!


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  • I really don't think guys, especially college age guys, are all that picky when it comes to food. As long as it taste good I don't think they care who made it. If you want a home made taste maybe find a deli or bakery, sometimes the hole in the wall ones can be a bit cheaper (just check Yelp or something to make sure they have good reviews.) Trust me, if he has his friends there the last thing he is thinking about is food...more like hanging with the guys lol.


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