What are your thoughts on the English language?

What do you think of it? How is it compared to other languages? Do you think English will die out anytime soon?


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  • I don't think English sounds as good as most other European languages, but it sounds a heck of a lot better than most middle eastern and African languages. It sounds about as good as most Asian languages. So basically I would say that it's in the middle.

    Besides how it sounds, I really like English. We have a lot more ways to say things than other languages do, which makes reading and writing a lot more interesting and diverse.

    I definitely don't think English will die out anytime soon. If anything, it would be the last language to die out. English is the international trade language and it is the most widely spoken language in the world. I don't see it dying out for a very long time.


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  • Die out soon-no

    what do I think-boring, it's only beautiful when a person who has mastered it manipulates it

    comparisons-better than a lot out there but it's really confusing at times. Still it's less confusing than say French (which kills beginners with the spelling) and I guess easier to speak that say Russian.

    Easier to read than Japanese and Mandarin or pinyin. I like the adjective set up better than Spanish.

  • Mm, I like it because it allows me to communicate with a lot more people than I would of been able to otherwise.

    However I much prefer other languages, Italian (which I speak fluently) along with French and Spanish as they are both really beautiful languages.

    Might be a bit bias since they are also romance languages and thus are similar-ish to Italian.

  • I think the British need to discover the wonders of floss, a toothbrush and Colgate

    But I'm happy that I speak English without an accent, although people on here have told me I sound southern...

    nah, English won't die out. Language is a uniting factor which is why I do believe it should be the official language of the US.

    sonrisa colgate

  • English isn't dying out anytime soon. It's the international language of trade and technology. It is literally the standardized language of the planet with effectively every country being able to speak it.

  • I feel it's very simple compared to other languages.

    And no, I don't think it would die out soon.

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  • For the people that say it is not going anywhere because so many people speak it, take into consideration that the English language gets contaminated in an incredibly fast rate. Oversimplified, internationalised and turned into a mix language in every non-Anglo-saxon country. BECAUSE it is spoken by so many people. It may evolve swiftly into a mongrel language leaving modern day English behind.

    Which doesn't matter, all languages come and go, the same can be said for contemporary Dutch.

  • Man that's a loaded question, but to be short and sweet about it the only two languages left standing in the next hundred years will be Chinese and English.

  • I guess not too much seeing as it's my first language. It's much easier to read than Latin for me. It's not likely to die out anytime soon because it places so high in the world as a second language learned.

  • English has never been more popular. The whole world wants to learn English since the internet has become dominant. English will always change with culture and sub-cultures will always have their own glossary of words. New words will emerge. Old words will morph or die. But English will continue to boom in popularity.

  • It better not, I failed my French GCSE for a reason xD

    To quote Red Vs Blue:

    "We're gonna teach the alien to speak English."

    "Maybe you should try learning his language"

    "F*ck that, we're teaching him the Earth language!"

    "But there's thousands of languages spoken on Earth!"

    "Yeah, but only one that kicks ass!"

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