Why would a girl constantly flip her views ?

I talk to this girl, I like her but whenever we have a conversation, she keeps on flipping her opinion every time. She is doing this for over many months. One day she will say that she is a good girl and on the other day she will say she is very bad girl. One day she will say she like to remain happy all the time but some other day she says she remains sad all the time. Sometimes she will say that she likes to help people and some other day she will says I like to kill people. Someday she will say that she is very selfish but some other day she will say that she is very noble and doesn't like to hurt anyone.

Also she never takes any blame on herself. I can't even let her know that she is flipping like this constantly. She will argue relentlessly and say that I don't do this. Now you'll think that she is not going to believe and act accordingly, but after few days I'll find that she will believe and obey everything that I tell her and do it without arguments.

Sometimes I've thought that it could be that she doesn't like me. So I directly asked her whether or not you like my company ? I said even that if you do not like me then tell me and don't worry, I'll not say any word to you, because I do not want to be a burden into your life. Then on this she will say there is nothing like that and I like your company very much and will keep talking to me.

I feel that she has some sort of mental disorder, but I do not know exactly if it is.

Her behavior driving me crazy. Can any one tell me what is this ?


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  • hmm, I had that back when I had an identity crisis, its not a big issue but it can be if left unchecked, and isn't uncommon unless she's over 20, but its no biggy if its dealt with properly.. I got through mine with my boyfriend, before that I was tearing my mind apart with it lol, nowadays it doesn't happen unless I'm really confused with something or am really annoyed with something I'm not usually against

    anyway the best thing to do is to talk to her about it, try to get her head sorted out preferably without a therapist, she's probably the type who doesn't know herself or changes her personality to suit everyone else, thereby eliminating her own personality, individuality and identity

    their are many several specific ways to help her but since you don't know what she's going through it'll be pointless for me to advice further, just try to help her and be with her through it :) (try not to judge her if you can help it)

    goodluck in your relationship :D


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  • She's indecisive and doesn't know what she wants.


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